Saturday, 10 January 2015

10 useful Phrases

What ever your reason for visiting Italy its a good idea to know at least a few basic phrases in Italian to help you get by. 

Here's a quick collection of useful phrases in Italian with links to sound files!

Thank you/ Your welcome - Grazie/Prego

Excuse me - Mi scusi!

Good Morning - Buongiorno

Good Afternoon-  Buongiorno / Buon pomeriggio

Good evening - Buonasera

Good night - Buonanotte

I don't understand -  Non capisco

How do you say... in Italian? - Come si dice ... in italiano?

Where's the toilet/bathroom? - Dov'è la toilette? /Dov'è il bagno?

How much is this? - Quanto costa?

For more like this check out this site.


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